South African Fine Wine Awakening

The massively successful Nederburg Auction 2016 was yet another cornerstone  event in the South African fine wine awakening. Add to this the philanthropic gems of the Cape Wine Auction and the unicorn wines of the upcoming Cape Winemaker’s Guild Auction, and you see that the scene is set for this awakening to go global.

However, what the Nederburg Auction specifically excels at is the showcase platform it creates for aged SA wines. You can’t really appreciate the SA wine greats unless you have been bowled over by them with 5, 10, 15 or 50 years of age. Now is the golden dawn. The most opportune time to fill your cellar with ageworthy gems like Meerlust Rubicon, Kanonkop Paul Sauer, MR de Compostella, De Toren Fusion V and Warwick Trilogy. In a few years time, you’ll kick yourself hard if you didn’t. It’s a certainty! 

2 thoughts on “South African Fine Wine Awakening

  1. Yes I agree the “mainstream” Meerlust, Kanonkop etc. is safe to buy for the cellar and a good conservative approach. but they will not turn into unicorns. You need to dig a bit deeper for those gems that will make your cellar a cut above the rest. Think Porseleinberg, Keet, Beeslaar, Alheit etc. take it a step further even and get those special bottlings by Badenhorst and Pieter Walser (BlankBottle) and now you talking!!


    1. Totally agree. But from a global perspective, the quickest way into an international fine wine collectors cellar is with great Bordeaux blends that have a water tight capacity to age and a proven track record to appreciate in price at auction (Kanonkop etc). They won’t turn into unicorns but they will grace any posh dinner party table with grace. However, I look forward to the future auctions where small parcels of Alheit, Keet, Beeselaar etc are entered. Then watch price records crumble!


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