Remember the first wine to get there… A 98 point Chenin Blanc from South Africa! Boom! 

The latest Decanter magazine, November Issue out now in October… makes history for South African wine, featuring what I believe is the first “Exceptional” rating for a South African wine. 

Clocking in at 98/100, as a judge involved in this decision, I can confirm that there was true consensus among all three judges with the greatness of this fine Swartland Chenin Blanc 2015 from David & Nadia Sadie being boldly recognised.

Awkwardly, this phenomenal result will upset as many Decanter readers as it pleases as obtaining a bottle of this wine is now all but impossible, with the 360 bottles produced now sold out in both South Africa at retailer Wine Cellar, as well as from several UK merchants who received minuscule amounts of stock, including OW Loeb, Vincisive and Handford Wines.

Another wine enters the annals of South African wine trade history and consequently, birth is given to yet another baby unicorn wine!!

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