Fine Wine Safari Brunello di Montalcino 2015 Vintage Series: Part 3 – Sesti…

The 2015 vintage is a historical year for Brunello di Montalcino that nobody should miss. The wines show impressive precision of vivid fruit, fine tannins and freshness in acidity despite their ripeness and richness which makes them some of the most exciting releases since 2010.

Winemakers in Montalcino were never better prepared to produce outstanding wines in a year like 2015 with their exactness in their vineyards and cellars from fine-tuned canopy management and crop thinning to optical sorting and soft fermentations. So many wine producers in Montalcino made excellent wines in 2015.

A small handful of the wines I tasted are a little bit closed at this early stage, and these will benefit from more cellar ageing. However, the majority of the samples tasted showed softly textured, generous and accessible characteristics that make them beautiful to drink straight out of the gate or with very little aging required. Bottles from the versatile 2015 vintage can go into your cellar for safekeeping or onto your dinner table for near- to medium-term consumption. The choice is yours, and that’s one of the top selling points of 2015 Brunello reds.

Sesti – Without doubt one of the leading producers in Brunello di Montalcino: an estate of 9 hectares under vine which is run by astrologer Giuseppe Sesti and his daughter Elisa. In the vineyard, everything is kept as natural as possible with zero use of herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertiliser and even outside sourced yeasts. The study of astronomy and lunar cycles has also influenced Giuseppe’s approach in the winery – he follows the phases of the moon when it comes to winemaking techniques; only racking wines during a waning of the moon. Ageing of the wines takes place in larger Slavonian oak casks because, according to Sesti, if he is happy with the fruit, the tannins and the overall growing season, then there is no need to mask the wine, but rather preserve the inherent qualities that Sangiovese Grosso draws from these meticulously farmed vineyards.

Castello di Argiano, Sesti’s medieval castle.

Sesti Brunello di Montalcino 2015, 14 Abv.

On the nose this attractive 2015 Brunello shows wonderfully elegant, fragrant notes of wild strawberries, fresh roses and violets that mix with exotic notes of cinnamon, baking cloves and black chocolate spices. Full and generous in the mouth, there is plenty of juicy cherry and red currant fruit intensity that melts in to a complex mélange of liquorice, sweet tobacco, cola and black plum confit. Focused and persistent, this wine has all the building blocks to improve over 8 to 10 years as it mellows in bottle after 39 months ageing in big barrels.

(Wine Safari Score: 95/100 Greg Sherwood MW)

4 thoughts on “Fine Wine Safari Brunello di Montalcino 2015 Vintage Series: Part 3 – Sesti…

    1. 2010 very good and closed down now. Real age worthy wines.

      2011 a taut, tight, slightly lean and linear vintage that might surprise many in years to come after ageing.

      2012 was a forward, soft, fleshy vintage of no great intensity. Wines quite enjoyable now.

      2013 a super classical, sleek, focused vintage with elegant intensity, polished structures and good intensity. Age worthy and full of restraint.

      2014 a difficult vintage with a few exceptions but overall not very distinguished. Drink now or keep for medium term.

      2015 shows the warmth and ripeness of the vintage with freshness and balance. Some wines a tad baked and others a little rustic, but top producers made excellent wines.

      2016… will out shine even 2010 and 2015. I can’t wait to see what superlatives James Suckling comes up with! Tasted along side 2015, the 2016 are vastly superior!

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      1. How do you expect the 11’s to age, if they are linear now do you expect the generous nature of Brunello to show in time? Is there an equivalent vintage in Burgundy?


      2. They will never have the Brunello opulence but the top wines May well age into sleek, classical, elegant wines? Depends on the producer. But perhaps similar in Burgundy to 2001 or 2012?? Hard to say. But I feel there will be a few surprises!


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