The lure of Unicorn Rose…

The macho wine collectors and drinkers despise Rose wines. They perhaps tolerate it if sipping on a bottle of Domaine Ott at Club Cinqante Cinq on Pampelone Beach near St Tropez.

But as any true bona fide wine lover will tell you, there are few things more liberating than quaffing, in quick time, a fantastically chilled, fresh, exotic, dry, complex bottle of unicorn Rose. 

It’s not exactly like a bloke admitting to wearing his wife’s dresses when she is away, but more like a chap just reaching out and engaging his more emotional, liberal, sensitive side. Big difference!

I mean, what’s not to love about Grand Cru Rose from Domaine des Lambrays, 100% Mazuelo from Marques de Murrieta, or a unicorn Rosato from Biondi Santi, made exclusively for drinking at the domaine. 

These super quaffable gems give you a tantalising sniff of the estates’ famed red first wines … even if it’s just subconsciously. The smaller the production the better. One tank? Nah, one barrel. No… one demijohn!! One Amphora…!!! You get the picture. Time to  indulge! 

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