The Last Supper… Dinner Photo Diary of London’s Top Restaurant ~ The Ledbury…

We are spoilt for choice in London when it comes to most things, especially where to go when dining out. 

Those of us in the wine trade are seemingly doubly fortunate in that we get invited at the supplier or client’s expense to wine and dine at these awesome establishment regularly.

However, the last posh blow out of the year before Christmas arrives, was a great evening at The Ledbury celebrating a friends 45th birthday, for which I was more than happy to contribute towards.

If you have never been to the 2 Michelin Starred The Ledbury restaurant, put it on your bucket list for 2017! It’s a must!

The Ledbury, 127 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AQ …. 0207792990
Amouse bouche

Warm bantam’s egg, celeriac, arbois, dried ham, and truffle

Pre dessert

Head sommelier and wine buyer, Seamus Sharkey with birthday boy Andrew Johnson
In the kitchen for a post dessert dessert!

Wine Safari Restaurant Rating: 5/5 Stars

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